MVRDV - Radio.181



Radio.181 is a 26,500-square-metre mixed-use high rise located at 2420 Amsterdam Avenue in the Washington Heights area in Northern Manhattan. The 22-storey building, which is MVRDV’s first major project in the United States, combines hotel, retail, and office functions in vibrantly stacked blocks, reflecting the vivacious character of the neighbourhood and setting a direction for the future development of the area.

“Radio Tower & Hotel, located at the thinnest part of Manhattan Island between the Hudson and the Harlem River, is a colourful new building which will strengthen an already wonderfully mixed and vibrant neighbourhood”, explains Winy Maas, principal and co-founder of MVRDV. “The building forms a ‘vertical village’ with blocks that are the same size as the surrounding buildings, thus avoiding the common drawback of large developments in which new skyscrapers overwhelm the existing character of the city. It will be a colourful, welcoming beacon for people entering Manhattan.”


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